TV Diner complete.

This piece is a 1950s style diner where the people involved have T.V.s for heads. Advertisements

TV Diner Update.

This is an update on my TV Diner project.   I have the characters textured and now I can move on to rigging for my final renders.  

TV Diner Update.

In this update I have completed the textures for my condiments and the diner itself.   I also experimented with the lighting for the diner.   Next I have to texture my characters and learn substance painter.

Diner Update

This is an update on my TV Diner project.  Here I have the UVs completed for my waitress character.   

TV Diner WIP

This is another update on my TV Diner scene this time with the UVs done for the rest of the room and the condiments holder. Next I have to do the UVs for my two characters then I can start the textures.

Sheep Head

This is another work in progress post about my sheep head sculpture.   I now have ear buds setting for a mouth and I am covering the rest of the sculpture in wire.   

TV Diner

This is an update to my TV Diner project with a customer model.   This is just a rough model next on the list is clothes and smoothing.

TV Diner

This is a 3D project I have been working on, but had to put on hold until I got my new computer.  This piece will ultimately be a still frame render of a 1950’s style diner with two characters with old 1950’s televisions for heads. 

Electric Sheep

This is a work in progress post about my most recent sculpture.   This is a wire sculpture of a sheep head with two small  set is the eye sockets. My ultimate goal is to cover the copper wire with a thicker silver wire to replicate a mechanical skin and to set a small speaker in…

Evil Eye

This is a clay sculpture of and evil eye.  The evil eye has palace in many western asian religions as well as Islam and Judaism.  The idea is that the evil eye is a curse that is inflicted with a glance that brings misfortune.  The eye is also a talisman in the shape of an…