Survey of Animation Research Paper

John FitzGerald Survey of Animation Research paper 12/2/12 Max Fleischer was an early animator born on July 17 1883 as well as the inventor of the rotoscope. Advertisements

Survey of Animation Final

This is my final project for Survey of Animation.   For this animation I rotoscoped a Kendo routine I had written and asked a friend of mine to film.   In order to make this animation more cartoonish I decided to add miniature explosions then the swords made contact and when I died.   This…

Fleischer Write up

The animator Max Fleischer of Fleischer studios invented an animation style called rotoscoping.

Warner Brothers Write up

The Warner Brothers Studio’s created many cartoons fir movie theaters and propaganda films for the war WW2.

Disney Write up

Walt Disney made great strides in the world of animation.   One such innovation for animation made was the invention of the multi-plane rig.

Stop Motion Animation

  For this animation I decided to use paper cutouts that I filled in using charcoal.

Flip Book Write Up

For my flip book the main theme is what if Indiana Jones had different accessories.   Throughout the animation Indy is getting away from the boulder on a skateboard and trips on a rock.   Indy then dies and the boulder rolls off frame.   The animation ends with Indy’s hat falling back into frame…