Production 2 write up

On Tuesday I went to a gallery exhibition at Alfred University and saw a gallery entitled decomposition. Advertisements

Artist writeup William Wegman

On Thursday September 18th, I attended a screening of experimental films done by William Wegman. This screening showed Wegman’s work from the early days of video to the present. The first section shown was a piece called “Spit Sandwitch” done in 1970. This piece contained videos such as “I got…”, “Muscles”, “TV Plunger”, and “Ill”…

Art Write up

Last week I went to a gallery at the Hinkle Memorial Library. There an artist named Janet McClain was showcasing her black and white photographs. The composition that I was most drawn to was called “Family Quilt”. “Family Quilt” was an open composition made up of many black and white photos that created a pattern….