Skeleton Within Project.

This composition is a re-imagining of a painting by Gustave Dore Called Andromeda in Peril. For this composition I used Oil Pastels to re create the original painting and show the skeletons inside the bodies. Within this composition I created organic colours and forms in the way I used the Pastels and blended colours. The…

Modular Origami Sculpture

This is a series of sculptures that has to do with modular origami with and without colour. The six origami shapes started as three dimensional four pointed stars. These shapes then come together to form a spherical object with thirteen solid sides and twenty nine sides including negative space. The coloured sculpture uses a sphere…

Pattern Project

This sculpture uses a meandering pattern to imitate a birds feather. With each meandering pattern created by the feathers a more complex pattern is created with the layering of the individual feathers. The layering also creates its own pattern in the way the feathers group on top of each other and the form appears to…

Arm Muscles

This is a drawing of the muscles in the arm.

Adjective and Verb Chair Version 1

This is my first attempt at a chair with the verb walking and the adjectives fluid or smooth. For this chair I wanted to model a desk chair. I added a holder for items along with a desk attachment and I attempted to make everything flow. The chair also has legs that look to be…

Chair Version 2

This is my second version of a chair with the verb dragging and the adjective slow. I attempted to make the texture appear to be tentacles of some sort. I feel that the form of this chair expresses what I wanted, and the texture was less than successful.

Arm Bones

This is a study of the bones in the arm from the front the side and a view of the elbow.

Post it notes

These are five post it notes with un even line weight.

Cited paintings

These are four peices of art that I am considering for the skeleton within project. Gustave Dore, Depiction of Satan. N.D. wood block print Gustave Dore, Venus in Peril, Andromeda, 1869. oil painting Alan Lee, Hurin, N.D. watercolor

Post it notes

This is five post it notes of faces that I have drawn in pen.