Utopia Ectopia

This is the last version of my Utopia Ectopia Animation. For this version I fixed a continuity error in my animation. Advertisements

Utopia Ectopia

This is an animation I did for advanced animation. The prompt was Utopia and Ectopia,

Advanced Animation Writeup

On April 27 I went to the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery and saw sculptures. As I was looking through the various pieces I began to think about how they could be applied to the principals of animation and the similarities to 2d animation. For all of these sculptures staging was very important like in animation. All of…

Utopia Ectopia

For this animation I wanted to show a boss type character and a character drawing. The more the character draws the more buildings grow from their body until they die. I decided to use full straight ahead animation to give the characters a feeling of life and keep the lines jittery. Near the end I…

Advanced Animation Write up

Earlier in the semester I had an opportunity to help one of the seniors with their thesis project. I was called upon by John Maffett to model a kitchen in the 3d program Maya. The requirements for this side project were to model and texture the room while meeting with John every couple of days…


This is an assignment for my advanced animation class. I had to take this character and do a pose to pose animation of it eating a sandwich. For this animation I used an ending frame a beginning frame and three poses as guides then I animated the in-betweens by hand. This is the second animation…

Meditation animation test

This is a test animation for the meditation prompt. This is most of the scene where a tree is being blown in the wind. For this I am animating in flash so I can control the number of frames and can easily keep track of my timeline. In the animation, I am using a dramatic…

Advanced Animation Character Analysis

For my advanced animation class I was tasked with finding examples of good character design and explain why.   What follows will be a two dimensional character a three dimensional character and a character while not made for animation still shows these concepts.

Meditation Animation Storyboard

For my animation based on the meditation prompt I changed the story board to try and better explain the process of meditation.   In the story our character takes in all of the distractions to a single point or imagine them as a symbol and eliminates that point or symbol from view giving our character…

Hand exercises

These are two exercises I had to do in stop motion animation using my hand. The first is an explosion. For this animation I kind of went free form with it and used a reduced frame rate to my advantage to create sudden expansion. For the second animation I had to recreate a rocking chair….