Meditation Ver 8

This is the eighth version of my meditation animation. For this version I made the Kiai match up with the uprooting of the stump. I also fixed the sequence when the enemy approaches the Point of view character. Advertisements

Meditation Ver 7

For this animation I extended some of the sequences where the stills were moving. I also gave them a rounded shapes they fit more with the style. Lastly I added sound to go with the piece.

Meditation Progress Journal

This is my animation based on the meditation prompt. This is an animation in a first person view of a Kendo practitioner doing away with the distracting thoughts during a match.

Meditation Progress Journal

For this Journal I have the stills I will be using for m animation. This includes the in side of the Men and several winning strikes from Kendo matches.

Meditation animation test

This is a second animation test for my meditation animation. I changed it so the wind was blowing in only one direction. I also tried to incorporate more follow through.

Meditation animation test

This is a test animation for the meditation prompt. This is most of the scene where a tree is being blown in the wind. For this I am animating in flash so I can control the number of frames and can easily keep track of my timeline. In the animation, I am using a dramatic…

Meditation Animation Storyboard

For my animation based on the meditation prompt I changed the story board to try and better explain the process of meditation.   In the story our character takes in all of the distractions to a single point or imagine them as a symbol and eliminates that point or symbol from view giving our character…