Lit Adaptation

  This is an adaptation inspired by the short poem Aethelas.   For this video I represented the black breath as an unknown beast stalking two characters until they leave the woods.   One character is a leader type and will not leave the injured character behind. Advertisements

Production 2 write up

On Tuesday I went to a gallery exhibition at Alfred University and saw a gallery entitled decomposition.

Senior Thesis Update

This is an update on my current creatures.   So far I have all of the creatures I want printed and I am in the process of painting them.   I have most of my solid colors on the sculptures and I am getting more into the details of them.   It was suggested by…

Senior Thesis Critique

A few days ago I talked to Bud Kolich who is teaching at Alfred State.   We talked about materials for painting my models.  Bud agreed with me on using acrylic paint for them and after a quick google search we found that acrylic was the best paint to use for PLA plastic.  Bud also…

Perspective of a sponge.

  The prompt for this project was the sights and sounds fem the perspective of a sponge.   This is a sponge that is at the end of its life.  It only wants to clean things but is passed over for the less dirty sponge

Senior Thesis Update

For my thesis project I have made some changes to my existing models and have finished another creature.  

Multiverse story at 11

This is a fixed version of my surreal satire video.   I re shot the footage that was blurry and made a new edit.

Faculty Critique

I recently had my first faculty review for my thesis project with Amanda Kozub.   The advise I received had the most to do with research.   I was told to try and look for creatures that are an equivalent to creatures in existence.   An example of this would be to find creatures like lobsters and…

Senior Thesis Checkpoint

For this checkpoint I have modeled two creatures so far.   The first creature is my take on a brachiopod.  This creature lives in shallow water staying close to the sand until it can find a strong current carrying micro organisms.   It then stands its pod up and opens its shells into a wide…

Senior Thesis Pre production.

My senior thesis project is going to be a project incorporating maya and 3d printing.   I am creating 5 creatures that evolved in a similar fashion to the ones on earth if the Permian Mass Extinction had never happened.   The most notable creature will be a updated version of a eurypterid.   This…