Evil Eye 3D Mock Up

This is the first pass at a 3d mock up of an “Evil Eye”.  This was modeled in Maya and the next step for me is to go into Mudbox and use a bit more precision to round out the edges and add definition.   The ultimate goal for this project is to finish the…

Wood Sculpture 3D Mock Up

This is a 3d mock up of what I want my wood Sculpture to eventually be.  The basic form is of a four petaled lotus with vines that twist upward in a quad helix supporting a sphere.

Evil Eye

This is a work in progress post for a clay sculpture I am working on.  At the moment it is a wire armature covered in masking tape.   In the future I will complete the sculpture with Super Sculpy and heat treat the piece.   I will have to wait to start the clay because…

Wire Sculptures

These are two wire sculptures I have completed of trees.  While I was working on these sculptures I wanted to try and capture the complexity of an organic form with an inorganic material.   I found that the process of making these sculptures to be a kind of reverse bonsai.  Instead of carefully trimming and…

Legion Checker

With this update of my current project I completed the UV mapping and the checkers look good.  The next step is going to be moving to Mudbox to make a better Bumpmap and make some lifelike textures.


This is a work in progress post about my most recent 3d project.

Demo Reel 2

This is a demo reel I was tasked with making for a recent job application.  I decided to use my surreal satire video to book end my reel and try to add some connectivity to largely unrelated videos.  I framed my reel as a news report that was interrupted by rogue art.  

SpaceStation W.I.P. 1

This is the first work in progress post for a new project I am working on.   I am modeling an ore processing and fuel stop space station.   So far I have the models done for the fuel pods and part of the ore processing part. Once the ore section is done I will…

Hetrinar Bomber

  This is a Hetrinar Bomber Model I did for the SW Combine browser game.   The Combine is a browser based Star Wars simulation with a call for artists to make various ships.   I decided to volunteer my skills and possibly make more ships for the combine as time permits.   For this…