Clay Character

This is the clay sculpture I made based on the character I designed for my figure and motion class. Advertisements

Gallery Write up

Earlier in the semester I found myself at a sculpture gallery that showcased sculptures made out of recycled materials.

Modular Origami Sculpture

This is a series of sculptures that has to do with modular origami with and without colour. The six origami shapes started as three dimensional four pointed stars. These shapes then come together to form a spherical object with thirteen solid sides and twenty nine sides including negative space. The coloured sculpture uses a sphere…

Pattern Project

This sculpture uses a meandering pattern to imitate a birds feather. With each meandering pattern created by the feathers a more complex pattern is created with the layering of the individual feathers. The layering also creates its own pattern in the way the feathers group on top of each other and the form appears to…

Wire Sculpture

The poem that accompanies the sculpture is as follows: Tree and leaf, endless cycle forms separate yet the same locked in life, death, rebirth. Within this poem is a metaphor of the cyclical nature of life. The form of the tree and leaf give the feeling that nothing truly ends there are just highs and…