Demo Reel 2

This is a demo reel I was tasked with making for a recent job application.  I decided to use my surreal satire video to book end my reel and try to add some connectivity to largely unrelated videos.  I framed my reel as a news report that was interrupted by rogue art.   Advertisements

Lit Adaptation

  This is an adaptation inspired by the short poem Aethelas.   For this video I represented the black breath as an unknown beast stalking two characters until they leave the woods.   One character is a leader type and will not leave the injured character behind.

Perspective of a sponge.

  The prompt for this project was the sights and sounds fem the perspective of a sponge.   This is a sponge that is at the end of its life.  It only wants to clean things but is passed over for the less dirty sponge

Multiverse story at 11

This is a fixed version of my surreal satire video.   I re shot the footage that was blurry and made a new edit.

Senior Thesis Checkpoint

For this checkpoint I have modeled two creatures so far.   The first creature is my take on a brachiopod.  This creature lives in shallow water staying close to the sand until it can find a strong current carrying micro organisms.   It then stands its pod up and opens its shells into a wide…