Willow Tree WIP

This is a work in progress of a willow tree wire sculpture.   I have the basic frame done and next I hope to complete the base.   For the leaves I am going to create wire chains and let them droop naturally from the branches and hopefully create a life like appearance. Advertisements

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” This is a novel by Philip K Dick and the question that prompted this wire sculpture. The novel is an exploration by PKD into what it means to be human and what separates us from the androids we create. In the novel Rick Deckard is a bounty hunter who…

Sheep Head

This is another work in progress post about my sheep head sculpture.   I now have ear buds setting for a mouth and I am covering the rest of the sculpture in wire.   

Electric Sheep

This is a work in progress post about my most recent sculpture.   This is a wire sculpture of a sheep head with two small  set is the eye sockets. My ultimate goal is to cover the copper wire with a thicker silver wire to replicate a mechanical skin and to set a small speaker in…

Wire Sculptures

These are two wire sculptures I have completed of trees.  While I was working on these sculptures I wanted to try and capture the complexity of an organic form with an inorganic material.   I found that the process of making these sculptures to be a kind of reverse bonsai.  Instead of carefully trimming and…