Senior Seminar Gallery

Yesterday I participated in a gallery the Alfred State DMA students put up in Elmira. Advertisements

Senior Seminar Write up

This semester I attended a showing of Alfred State’s “The Seussical”. The production of the musical did very well all the days it was playing and I managed to catch the last showing. The set design was well constructed but because the stage was so small it was limited. With that being said there was…

Intro to visual Communication Write up

Recently I had the pleasure of going to an art gallery at Alfred University.    At the university I say painting by Jordan McCammy.   One painting he did caught my eye, it was a landscape painting using multiple colours.   The painting was created using oil paint on canvas.   This painting is an…

Computer Animation 1 Write up

During this semester I attended a workshop on how to set up a blog for my work.   While at this workshop I learned many things about how to run my blog and how to set up my blog for images of my work.

Foundations write up

On November 1st I had the pleasure of going to the Hinkle art gallery that featured an exhibit focusing on the paintings of David A. Dean.

My first real post

My shoes are black and green.    These shoes also have wheels near the heel of my foot. My shoes also have an H design on the side of them.