Computer Animation 1 Write up

During this semester I attended a workshop on how to set up a blog for my work.   While at this workshop I learned many things about how to run my blog and how to set up my blog for images of my work. Advertisements

Scroll video

For this video I needed to create a scrolling composition.   I gave the video a sense of depth by having different layers move at slightly different speeds.

Grid Pattern Project

For this composition I needed to create an image with a pattern made up of many smaller images.   I decided on a spiraling pattern with different colours.    I feel that the pattern of the images was successful but not the pattern of the colour.  

Uncanny Video 70 images

  For this video I was tasked with creating seventy layers of photographs with a similar theme.   I chose the triangular shape of my ocarina as the central theme.   I feel that over all this was a successful video in that I stayed true to the theme.   If I could change anything…