Senior Seminar Gallery

Yesterday I participated in a gallery the Alfred State DMA students put up in Elmira. Advertisements

Senior Seminar Write up

This semester I attended a showing of Alfred State’s “The Seussical”. The production of the musical did very well all the days it was playing and I managed to catch the last showing. The set design was well constructed but because the stage was so small it was limited. With that being said there was…

Senior Seminar Pitch

These are images I created for a gallery pitch using stereoscopy. After the pitch I was given critiques such as being more specific and sure of my information. I was also told to not get so lost in the technology. Lastly I was told to have a decisive end to my pitch and to be…

Press Kit Submition

Utopia_Ectopia_Press_Kit This is a press kit that I made up for my Utopia/Ectopia animation. This animation was also sent into two film festivals.