Lit Adaptation

  This is an adaptation inspired by the short poem Aethelas.   For this video I represented the black breath as an unknown beast stalking two characters until they leave the woods.   One character is a leader type and will not leave the injured character behind. Advertisements

Perspective of a sponge.

  The prompt for this project was the sights and sounds fem the perspective of a sponge.   This is a sponge that is at the end of its life.  It only wants to clean things but is passed over for the less dirty sponge

Multiverse story at 11

This is a fixed version of my surreal satire video.   I re shot the footage that was blurry and made a new edit.

Phantom Pains

  This is a short film I made based on John Milton’s sonnet to his deceased wife.

Lit Adaptation Rough cut.

This is a rough cut of a short film based on John Milton’s sonnet to his deceased wife. The poem itself has to do with the idea of loss and how your mind can trick you into thinking the person you have lost is alive. This can happen in a dream like state whether you…

Production Write up

Last week I had gone to the Robert C.Turner Gallery and saw a show titled “Live Feed Live Feed Live Feed” that incorporated digital video. The main piece involved a camera in the middle of the room that recorded the viewer in realtime and projected the image on various walls. On the walls the videos…

Days of heaven production review.

This is a presentation done on the movie days of heaven. My responsibility was with the editing and montage of which there was little actual montage to talk about.