Keepon Dance Work in Progress

This is a work in progress of my keepon’s dance to the song :Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham! Advertisements

Comic Page

My comic page tells a portion of the story Ainulindale.

Figure and motion Write up.

Recently I have performed in the Alfred State Cultural Showcase in the martial art section. During the showcase and the days leading up to it I participated in and was in charge of the Kendo performance and the club as a whole. This art correlates with my other art practices in nearly every way. In…

Maya Character Revision

For these revisions I tweaked the textures for the lips and changed how the lab coat sits on the body in relation to the pants.

Maya Character

This is my character model of a vain scientist with desire to be a god. He gives himself angelic wings and demonic lower wings showing evil under tones.