Senior Thesis update

In this update I have all of my modeling and printing for my project done. Advertisements

Senior Thesis Update

For my thesis project I have made some changes to my existing models and have finished another creature.  

Senior Thesis Checkpoint

For this checkpoint I have modeled two creatures so far.   The first creature is my take on a brachiopod.  This creature lives in shallow water staying close to the sand until it can find a strong current carrying micro organisms.   It then stands its pod up and opens its shells into a wide…

Senior Thesis Resubmit.

My senior thesis at Alfred State is a series of still images that I created to emulate the woodblock prints and steel etchings of Gustave Dore.

Senior Thesis

My senior thesis is a series of stills made in maya and touched up in photoshop.

Thesis Production Posters

  This is my production poster for my senior thesis.  I tried to show a progression from concept work to lighting tests and renders.  Since my midterm check in I made a firm decision to focus on the modeling and texturing and make a series of stills using a hard body rig.   I Also…

Work Progression Check in

For my thesis at this half way point I have kept to my schedule and completed all of my modeling and UVs. Next I have to apply my textures and rig the character. Below is a gallery of all my images so far.