Intro to visual Communication Write up

Recently I had the pleasure of going to an art gallery at Alfred University.    At the university I say painting by Jordan McCammy.   One painting he did caught my eye, it was a landscape painting using multiple colours.   The painting was created using oil paint on canvas.   This painting is an…

Color Wheel Project

For this composition I used the colour wheel to fill in a pattern.   I also mixed colours together to get many different colour combinations.   I mixed white paint with my colours to create value.   Finally I mixed complimentary colours together to create intensity change and create deep earth tones.

White on Black Grid Drawing

For this composition I used a grid to draw sections of my face and focus on the form in these individual sections.   I used white charcoal on black paper to give the piece high contrast using value.

Collage Book Project

This composition illustrates how I enjoy spending my time and who I am usually with when I do this.   In the picture I am practicing Kendo which is the art of Japanese swordsmanship.   I am also practicing Karate with a friend of mine named Tiara.   It is with her that I normally…

Colour Portrait Project

For this composition I did two self portraits, one monochromatic and one with complimentary colors.

Fractal Grid Drawing

For this composition I created a grid and drew a picture of myself in my kendo uniform.   I achieved the fractured image by only revealing one piece of grid at a time whilst drawing.   I also created a sense of atmospheric perspective in the way I shaded the composition.    Lastly my kendo…

Shadow Contour

For this composition I followed the lines created by shadows on my face.

3D Abstract Typography

For this composition I used sweeping letters to give a sense of movement to the portrait.   I also layered the letters to give  depth, and created direction to guide the eye of the viewer around my face.


For this composition I used small letters to create the details of my face.   I then used scale change and value as the words traveled across my face.   I also used dark lines to increase the contrast of the composition.