TV Diner

This is a 3D project I have been working on, but had to put on hold until I got my new computer.  This piece will ultimately be a still frame render of a 1950’s style diner with two characters with old 1950’s televisions for heads.  Advertisements

Evil Eye 3D Mock Up

This is the first pass at a 3d mock up of an “Evil Eye”.  This was modeled in Maya and the next step for me is to go into Mudbox and use a bit more precision to round out the edges and add definition.   The ultimate goal for this project is to finish the…

Wood Sculpture 3D Mock Up

This is a 3d mock up of what I want my wood Sculpture to eventually be.  The basic form is of a four petaled lotus with vines that twist upward in a quad helix supporting a sphere.

Legion Checker

With this update of my current project I completed the UV mapping and the checkers look good.  The next step is going to be moving to Mudbox to make a better Bumpmap and make some lifelike textures.


This is a work in progress post about my most recent 3d project.

SpaceStation W.I.P. 1

This is the first work in progress post for a new project I am working on.   I am modeling an ore processing and fuel stop space station.   So far I have the models done for the fuel pods and part of the ore processing part. Once the ore section is done I will…

Hetrinar Bomber

  This is a Hetrinar Bomber Model I did for the SW Combine browser game.   The Combine is a browser based Star Wars simulation with a call for artists to make various ships.   I decided to volunteer my skills and possibly make more ships for the combine as time permits.   For this…

Senior Thesis Update

For my thesis project I have made some changes to my existing models and have finished another creature.  

Faculty Critique

I recently had my first faculty review for my thesis project with Amanda Kozub.   The advise I received had the most to do with research.   I was told to try and look for creatures that are an equivalent to creatures in existence.   An example of this would be to find creatures like lobsters and…

Senior Thesis Checkpoint

For this checkpoint I have modeled two creatures so far.   The first creature is my take on a brachiopod.  This creature lives in shallow water staying close to the sand until it can find a strong current carrying micro organisms.   It then stands its pod up and opens its shells into a wide…

Senior Thesis Resubmit.

My senior thesis at Alfred State is a series of still images that I created to emulate the woodblock prints and steel etchings of Gustave Dore.