Self Portrait

This is a portrait of myself dressed in my Kendo uniform. Advertisements

Comic Page

My comic page tells a portion of the story Ainulindale.

Figure and motion Write up.

Recently I have performed in the Alfred State Cultural Showcase in the martial art section. During the showcase and the days leading up to it I participated in and was in charge of the Kendo performance and the club as a whole. This art correlates with my other art practices in nearly every way. In…

Flip book animation

This is a flip book animation I did of a chair falling and transforming into a man running when it hits the ground.  

Skeleton Within Project.

This composition is a re-imagining of a painting by Gustave Dore Called Andromeda in Peril. For this composition I used Oil Pastels to re create the original painting and show the skeletons inside the bodies. Within this composition I created organic colours and forms in the way I used the Pastels and blended colours. The…

Arm Muscles

This is a drawing of the muscles in the arm.

Arm Bones

This is a study of the bones in the arm from the front the side and a view of the elbow.

Post it notes

These are five post it notes with un even line weight.

Cited paintings

These are four peices of art that I am considering for the skeleton within project. Gustave Dore, Depiction of Satan. N.D. wood block print Gustave Dore, Venus in Peril, Andromeda, 1869. oil painting Alan Lee, Hurin, N.D. watercolor