Foundations write up

On November 1st I had the pleasure of going to the Hinkle art gallery that featured an exhibit focusing on the paintings of David A. Dean. Advertisements


  I created this chair using black and white charcoal on arches and reaves paper.

Foundations research.

Recently a story teller has caught my ear with the way she uses her words.   This story tellers name is Chimamanda Adichie.   The main reason I was taken in by her story was her use of language.    Adichie’s use of language was clear and to the point.   The second reason I…

Foundations Reflective

Recently I have listened to a TED talk that has changed my understanding on how stories are told.   The speaker Chimamanda Adichie opened my eyes and ears to what stories can do to people.

Self Portrait

This is my first attempt at a self portrait in my sketch book.