This is a picture of my updated orange.   With this update I shrunk the texture down and added more lumpiness to the orange. Advertisements

Artist writeup William Wegman

On Thursday September 18th, I attended a screening of experimental films done by William Wegman. This screening showed Wegman’s work from the early days of video to the present. The first section shown was a piece called “Spit Sandwitch” done in 1970. This piece contained videos such as “I got…”, “Muscles”, “TV Plunger”, and “Ill”…

Sound Map

For this composition I was tasked with creating an abstract sound map of my surroundings.

Maya Orange

For this project I was tasked with modeling texturing and lighting an orange. For this project obtained an orange and then peeled the skin from the orange to scan it. The only difficulty with this is the orange I had was a little old so the texture came out dark. I got past this, however,…