Production 2 write up

On Tuesday I went to a gallery exhibition at Alfred University and saw a gallery entitled decomposition. Advertisements

Senior Thesis Update

This is an update on my current creatures.   So far I have all of the creatures I want printed and I am in the process of painting them.   I have most of my solid colors on the sculptures and I am getting more into the details of them.   It was suggested by…

Senior Thesis Critique

A few days ago I talked to Bud Kolich who is teaching at Alfred State.   We talked about materials for painting my models.  Bud agreed with me on using acrylic paint for them and after a quick google search we found that acrylic was the best paint to use for PLA plastic.  Bud also…

Perspective of a sponge.

  The prompt for this project was the sights and sounds fem the perspective of a sponge.   This is a sponge that is at the end of its life.  It only wants to clean things but is passed over for the less dirty sponge