Shadow Contour

For this composition I followed the lines created by shadows on my face. Advertisements

3D Abstract Typography

For this composition I used sweeping letters to give a sense of movement to the portrait.   I also layered the letters to give  depth, and created direction to guide the eye of the viewer around my face.


For this composition I used small letters to create the details of my face.   I then used scale change and value as the words traveled across my face.   I also used dark lines to increase the contrast of the composition.

Foundations research.

Recently a story teller has caught my ear with the way she uses her words.   This story tellers name is Chimamanda Adichie.   The main reason I was taken in by her story was her use of language.    Adichie’s use of language was clear and to the point.   The second reason I…

Foundations Reflective

Recently I have listened to a TED talk that has changed my understanding on how stories are told.   The speaker Chimamanda Adichie opened my eyes and ears to what stories can do to people.

Flip Book Write Up

For my flip book the main theme is what if Indiana Jones had different accessories.   Throughout the animation Indy is getting away from the boulder on a skateboard and trips on a rock.   Indy then dies and the boulder rolls off frame.   The animation ends with Indy’s hat falling back into frame…

Self Portrait

This is my first attempt at a self portrait in my sketch book.