Image Break.

This is an animation I made for my motion graphics class. For this Project I had to take an image and break it into separate layers and then animate those layers.

Meditation Progress Journal

This is my animation based on the meditation prompt. This is an animation in a first person view of a Kendo practitioner doing away with the distracting thoughts during a match.

Meditation Progress Journal

For this Journal I have the stills I will be using for m animation. This includes the in side of the Men and several winning strikes from Kendo matches.

Production 2 podcast

This is a podcast assigned for my Production 2 class. Tim Morgan and I had to do a journalistic mockumentary. We chose to stage an interview between a radio talk show host and a man who acquired a strange ability while hiking. We chose to take advantage of a synthesizer we were given to make…

Meditation animation test

This is a second animation test for my meditation animation. I changed it so the wind was blowing in only one direction. I also tried to incorporate more follow through.


This is an assignment for my advanced animation class. I had to take this character and do a pose to pose animation of it eating a sandwich. For this animation I used an ending frame a beginning frame and three poses as guides then I animated the in-betweens by hand. This is the second animation…

Meditation animation test

This is a test animation for the meditation prompt. This is most of the scene where a tree is being blown in the wind. For this I am animating in flash so I can control the number of frames and can easily keep track of my timeline. In the animation, I am using a dramatic…