Evil Eye

This is a work in progress post for a clay sculpture I am working on.  At the moment it is a wire armature covered in masking tape.   In the future I will complete the sculpture with Super Sculpy and heat treat the piece.   I will have to wait to start the clay because…

Wire Sculptures

These are two wire sculptures I have completed of trees.  While I was working on these sculptures I wanted to try and capture the complexity of an organic form with an inorganic material.   I found that the process of making these sculptures to be a kind of reverse bonsai.  Instead of carefully trimming and…

Legion Checker

With this update of my current project I completed the UV mapping and the checkers look good.  The next step is going to be moving to Mudbox to make a better Bumpmap and make some lifelike textures.


This is a work in progress post about my most recent 3d project.

Demo Reel 2

This is a demo reel I was tasked with making for a recent job application.  I decided to use my surreal satire video to book end my reel and try to add some connectivity to largely unrelated videos.  I framed my reel as a news report that was interrupted by rogue art.  

SpaceStation W.I.P. 1

This is the first work in progress post for a new project I am working on.   I am modeling an ore processing and fuel stop space station.   So far I have the models done for the fuel pods and part of the ore processing part. Once the ore section is done I will…

Hetrinar Bomber

  This is a Hetrinar Bomber Model I did for the SW Combine browser game.   The Combine is a browser based Star Wars simulation with a call for artists to make various ships.   I decided to volunteer my skills and possibly make more ships for the combine as time permits.   For this…

Lit Adaptation

  This is an adaptation inspired by the short poem Aethelas.   For this video I represented the black breath as an unknown beast stalking two characters until they leave the woods.   One character is a leader type and will not leave the injured character behind.

Production 2 write up

On Tuesday I went to a gallery exhibition at Alfred University and saw a gallery entitled decomposition.