This piece was inspired by the Gothic horror style and incorporates some Lovecraftian elements.   One of my biggest inspirations for this piece comes from the Castlevania games.The piece itself is an amalgamation of faces with long tentacle like tongues and voids for eyes.   The name legion is a reference to the multiple faces on this creature and the Exorcism of the Gerasene demoniac.


The piece itself was modeled in Maya with detail sculpting and texturing done in Mudbox and rendered in Arnold.   I used a mixture of polygonal modeling and texture based normal maps to give the heads bumps and veins. The textures of this piece come from a blending of skin tones and different bruises.   I did this to try and give the flesh a kind of damaged or rotted look to it. Rendering this piece I experimented with the new features of the Arnold renderer, namely the subsurface scattering options.   I applied this to the skin and the tongues to try and give them a more realistic texture. I also experimented with some of the reflectivity of the textures to give an almost moist skin like quality to it.   The last thing I experimented with in this piece was the blendshape options. This can mainly be seen in the mouths opening and closing.


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