Character Design

Character Cannon
My character is six and a half heads high.
The hips and shoulders are each one head wide and the waist is one and a half heads wide.
The chest armor comes out about a quarter of a head from the torso and is covered by armor that comes to a point just above the solar plexus
The body is a little more than half leg.
The arms come down to about mid-thigh.
The boots are leather with a little over hang and have one piece of ankle armor.
The armor on the elbow comes to a point in the back and allows for normal movement.
The cape falls to just above the ankle and has multiple changing fabric lines.
The cape is attached my two clasps on the right shoulder and one clasp on the left.
The cape allows for a free range of movement on the left side.
The head is covered by a helmet and the helmet has a ornamental piece on it.
When not wearing the helmet the face has black hair that doesn’t pass the shoulder and has four hair marking on it.
The character is left handed and uses a sword.

My character is a female adventurer whom is properly outfitted for battle and adventure.
This character wields a sword and is left handed.
Once in a far off land a female adventurer became the ruler of her people. This came to be through a series of events including the discovery of armor. Until very recently in this land people ran into battle without any protection. Most people were only equipped with their street clothes and pajamas, some with even less. Then out protagonist discovers the practicality of wearing armor or “Shiny Clothes” and after wading through a pool of bloodshed and defeating every warlord in her way, she seized control of her new nation and taught the people there her ways.


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